WWDC 2022

Hits and misses from Apple’s 2022 WWDC Keynote.


  • The next generation of CarPlay adds support for multiple in-car screens and screen shapes. Deeper integration also allows it to replace instrument clusters. Until we have an Apple car it'll be the next best thing.
  • Apple is playing nice with others. The new Home app deepens their commitment to the 'Matter' connected home standard. Apple is also working on Passkeys with the FIDO alliance - yes to a future without passwords!
  • Stage Manager brings overlapping application windows to the iPad for the first time.Their also adding display scaling to bring more space.
  • The M2 delivers incremental double digit % performance improvements in CPU, GPU, Neural Engine and battery life. That's impressive given how much of a paradigm shift the M1 was. Apple are pulling away from other hardware makers.
  • Dictation on device is getting better. Punctuation is now automatic, so no more shouting 'full stop' at the end of sentences.
  • Handoff now allows you switch devices without disrupting video calls. It'll support Zoom and Teams as well as FaceTime.
  • Safety Check will help vulnerable users sever ties with devices and people that have access to their data.
  • The new shared photo library looks like a time saver. Smart sharing prompts will appear before your partner can say AirDrop!
  • Live Activity Widgets are a better way to present multi-update events (like sports scores) on the lock screen. Now removed from your notification queue; they can be presented with more fidelity.
  • Focus mode improvements are going to make it easier to switch off from work. You can now filter mail, messages and even safari tabs by mode.


  • Wow, you're only just adding that? Apple are still playing catchup with mail. They introduced scheduled send, remind me later, follow up reminders and better search.
  • Stage Manager for Mac - a 4th way to manage windows? I'm not sure how stage manager, mission control and the dock all fit together. I'll stick to my trusted Magnet app.
  • Continuity camera allows you to attach your iPhone to your monitor and use it as a webcam. Better webcams might be a better solution. The top down 'desk view' will expose your working from home sweatpants too!
  • Great to see a new M2 Macbook pro. The new M2 MacBook Air occupies 20% less volume than its predecessor, but it picked up some big feet - presumably for cooling.
  • You can how share groups of tabs with others. Please don't share your tabs with me! I'm a tab minimalist and your tab lineup gives me anxiety.
  • 12 years into iPad we finally get an Apple weather app, still no calculator app though - fail.
  • FreeFrom is a new Apple app that looks like a cross between Miro and Notes. It's unclear if anyone would be able to use this at work though. Do all your colleagues have Macs? Do you FaceTime each other at work?