Augmenting Human Intellect. A Conceptual Framework

Augmenting Human Intellect. A Conceptual Framework


Douglas C.Engelbart


Augmenting Human Intellect. A Conceptual Framework

Douglas C.Engelbart. 1962 (View Paper → )

This is an initial summary report of project taking new and systematic approach to improving the intellectual effectiveness of the individual human being detailed conceptual framework explores the nature of the system composed of the individual and the tools concepts and methods that match his basic capabilities to his problems One of the tools that shows the greatest immediate promise is the computer when it can be harnessed for direct online assistance integrated with new concepts and methods.

Before starting out Douglas C.Engelbart got into ‘augmenting the human intellect’ because he theorised it would be the most impactful way he could spend his working life. He wasn’t wrong, what an amazing impact he had on the world.

He showed the power of bringing humans into the research and development process for computers. There is no doubt his work accelerated the the usability of computers.

For the brief moments of flow. When there’s no friction between the mac and I. For when it’s just me and the idea… thank you Doug!